Booking Guide

A: Booking guide

How do I book a transfer on the website?

In the “Online booking” form, choose the data and time for picking up (minimum 12h in advance), select from the list “Pick-up location”, respectively the “Destination location”. In the lists with locations you can scroll to select the desired location. After completing the three fields, if you want a one way transfer, or six fields in case you tick also the “Return”, click on “Book transfer” to be directed to the page where you can choose the available car.


Next you can choose the type of car for your transfer: “Sedan” or if carrying bulky luggage “Break”.

After choosing the car, click the “Book Transfer” to make your reservation.

If you need supplements such as: child seat or ski equipment transport, you can select the option in the page prior to payment, otherwise, you can click “Continue” button to enter your billing and pick-up data.


On the page “completion  of the order”,  enter all your data in order the invoice to be issued, and at the same time, to create your customer account. The advantage of the customer account is that on the following orders, you will not have to enter your personal data, but you can login by username / email address and password, and your order will be automatically pre-filled.

If the pick-up location is at a adress in Bucharest city, you must enter all pick-ul details (exact address, meeting point) in the field “Order notes”


After filling the data, choose the method of payment to be transferred to the payment processor. Once the payment is made, you will be redirected back to our website, where it will be displayed the message for completing the order. In the same time you will receive on e-mail a copy of you order, along with the related invoice.


Dupa completarea datelor, alegeti metoda de plata pentru a fi transferat la procesatorul platii. Odata plata efectuata veti fi redirectionat inapoi in site-ul nostru, unde vi se va afisa mesajul de finalizare comanda. In acelasi timp veti primi si pe adresa de email o copie a comenzii dumneavoastra, impreuna cu factura aferenta.


What information is required to make a booking?

– please fill-in the date and time for picking-up (the booking will be made at least 12 hours in advance)  – please fill-in the pick up location:

  • a) in case we take you from the Airport, fill-in on the completion of the order in the  take-over/boarding information box: the flight number and the name of the airline. In the Airport, on arrivals terminal  you will be waited with a banner with your name in it,  by a representative of the company.
  • b) in case we will pick you up from an address (area), choose from the picking up location (neighborhood), and in the Aditional information “Order notes” box fill-in with the exact pick-up address (street, building number or a reference point).
I can’t find the address, what should I do?

in case you don’t find a location, please contact us on

e-mail: or by phone on 0747.999440

How to pay for the transfer?

at the completion of the order please choose the method of online payment through mobilpay processor (credit card or Bitcoin) or paypal.

B: After booking

What sizes of luggage you can carry?

The maximum luggage that can be transported are  3 trolleys maximum for shipping room, according to TAROM sizes (55x40x20 cm).

For bulky luggage, skis, bicycles or 4 trolleys for shipping room, we recommend you choose the car type “break” from the list of reservations.

Is someone waiting for me at the airport?

Yes, at the arrival you will be expected by the driver from Fly Business, at Arrivals Terminal, in front of the flowershop carrying a banner with your name on it.

What happens if I don’t find the driver?

In case you don’t find the driver at the meeting point, please contact us immediately at the telephone number 0747.999.440

How long the transfer takes?

The route from the airport to any location in Bucharest, lasts a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes depending on traffic.